Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Way to the River

With all the accomplished graphic designers in Hudson, we're getting signs directing people to Henry Hudson Riverfront Park designed by DPW Foreman Skip Weed: "Waterfront signage slated for Front St." To quote from the article in this morning's Register-Star: "Department of Public Works Foreman Skip Weed said he’s waiting for the blank signs to arrive, and then he will 'come up with something nice,' with arrows pointing toward the river and possibly Hudson’s signature whale adorning the sign."

According to Alderman Geeta Cheddie, who appears to be the mastermind of this project, there will be three signs along Front Street--in front of the former Washington Hose firehouse, at the Ferry Street Bridge, and at the Broad Street railroad crossing. The article goes on to say that "Cheddie said she’d also like to see waterfront signs posted at the Third Street and Wurst [sic] Avenue entrances to the city, as well as 'anywhere else . . . that might be relative to where the traffic comes through.'"


  1. More evidence that Hudson is two cultures; one native, the other non-native. They live different lives, read different books, paint different signs. One is in charge of Hudson government; the other, not.


  2. Geeta brought this up at the recent Art, Entertainment and Tourism meeting. But I'm sure she mentioned that she knew of someone who volunteered to make the signs, not that blank signs were going to be delivered. All this with $300. that was left from this year's budget.