Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 66

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

WILLIAM R. REID--Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Fish and Oysters. No. 321 and 323 Warren street. Telephone 138-A. Here is the old Boston Fish and Oyster Market, still doing a flourishing business with the people of Hudson. Mr. Reid has been connected with this business for the last thirty years, and is thoroughly prepared, as he always has been, to give to his many patrons the satisfaction of partaking of the finest sea-food that can be obtained in the whole State of New York. Anything that swims may be found here, and not very much money is required possess it after all, as Mr. Reid makes it a point never to charge anything but the most reasonable prices for his goods. Hotel and family trade is especially solicited. Three men are employed in the pursuit of the business, and two wagons are needed to make deliveries to all parts of the city. All orders are given very prompt attention.

321 & 323 Warren Street today--Tiossan, Bodhi, and the Red Dot

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