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Reviewing the Year Past: 1913--Part 8

This is the final segment of the hundred-year-old retrospective of the year then recently concluded: 1913. It appeared in the Hudson Evening Register during the first week of 1914. Annotations and illustrations have added by Gossips.

To-night we conclude the retrospect for Hudson during 1913. The list has been a lengthy one, yet it has proven interesting to many.

Philip Beauregard, of Hudson, purchased Colby hotel, at Canaan.

Lester G. Johnson took possession of the Carpenter grocery store on Carroll street. [William A. Carpenter had a grocery store at 436 Carroll Street.]

Building formerly occupied on first floor by John Kovats' saloon, sold to Mrs. Max Fruchlander, by William L. Henderson, of New York city. [John Kovats' saloon was located at 15 South Front Street. In 1905, the building, located between Cherry Alley and Union Street, was the Polski Hotel.]

Courtesy Pat Fenoff
Frank D. Perry installed "gift shop" in connection with his music store. [Frank Perry's music store was located at 605 Warren Street.]

605 Warren Street, from Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., 1905

New pump for emergency uses ordered by Commission of Public Works.

Building formerly used as office by Traver company, situated on corner of North Fourth and Diamond streets, removed to Levy property on North Fourth street. [In 1912, James Levy had a blacksmith shop at 16 North Fourth Street and lived next door at 14 North Fourth Street.]

Lilly G. Billingham purchased Geiger property on corner of North Fifth and Washington streets. [The house belonging to Albert Geiger was located 106 North Fifth Street.]

B. & A. slip here at river dredged.

Four meat markets here consolidated, afterwards known as the Imperial markets.

Five nurses graduated from Hudson City hospital, Miss Rose Middleton, Miss Constance Gibson, Miss Winifred Turville, Miss Cleo Brockhausen and Miss Viola Oldford.

1910 post card image of Hudson Hospital

Improvements made to vault at County Clerk's office.

Charles C. Cramer practically completed two-family residence on Columbia street. [Charles C. Cramer was a builder, who himself resided at 101 North Fifth Street.]

Mrs. Condit B. Snyder purchased property at 223 State street of Mrs. Mary Cuddy.

Feather Mattress company located for short time at 10 South Front street.

10 South Front Street today: Hudson Merchant House

New steel ceiling installed in Hudson Y.M.C.A. and numerous other improvements made.

From Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., 1905

J. Kossof embarked in steam pressing business at 319 Warren Street. [The dining room of the Red Dot is now located at 319 Warren Street.]

Electric lights installed in Firemen's Home by Frank L. Smith.

James Gaffney started erection of two-story residence corner of North Second and State streets. [Unless James Gaffney built his house on the northeast corner of State and Second streets, the house has not survived.]

Frank K. Horth purchased property of Patrick Fardy at 
46½ Allen street.

Property at 25 Union street sold by Susan M. Cummings to Harris Winstein.

25 Union Street today

Carl Erdman purchased of Frederick M. Hawland property on Clinton street, adjoining that of William Stevens. [William Stevens, who was the assistant editor at the Daily Register lived at 520 Clinton Street.]

Adolph Weddenger purchased property on State street of Benjamin Vischengrod. 

Mrs. Stephen Dallas purchased of Carroll Miller property at 25 Worth avenue.

Charles Fingar bought of Emma A. Carhart, of Claverack, property on North Fifth street.

Thomas Slauson purchased of Fred Christiana, property on Robinson street. [Fred Christiana was a carpenter, and the house purchased was probably one he built on spec.]

John Cannon disposed of cigar and stationery store at 701 Warren street, to Adolph Weidenger. [Today, 701 Warren Street is once again a stationery store: Sketch. Art supplies have replaced cigars as the store's other type of merchandise.] 

Benjamin Murrell purchased of Pasquale Roosa, property corner of State and Water streets.

Leander Weaver purchased Fairground Boulevard of Van Schoick Brothers. [Which of the boulevards was known as Fairground Boulevard in 1914?]

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