Monday, February 10, 2014

Barrett Appointed to Tourism Committee

Assemblymember Didi Barrett announced today that she has been appointed to serve on the New York State Assembly standing committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts & Sports Development. In a press release, Barrett is quoted as saying, "Tourism and all its facets continue to be a major economic driver in the Hudson Valley. People come from all over to visit our beautiful parks, fabulous art venues, historic sites, outdoor activities and blossoming food and farm sector. When people come here, they spend money here; this supports our local businesses which in turn leads to job growth. We want to be sure that visitors and residents alike continue to flourish in our magnificent region."

Barrett used the announcement to speak specifically about the proposed power line project, which would "diminish the view sheds, farms and natural resources that make the Hudson Valley one of New York's premier tourist destinations." Barrett expressed the opinion that the proposed project would negatively impact farms, communities and scenic landscapes, "destroying private property and seriously damaging our local economy." She went on to say: "My position on the Tourism Committee will give folks in our region a voice at the table--I will continue to work to find an alternative solution to ensure that the things we love most about our area are protected."

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