Thursday, February 27, 2014

Meetings Friday Morning

Once again, the special Common Council Legal Committee zoning workshop conflicts with the Historic Preservation Commission's regular second meeting of the month. Once again, the solution to the conflict is different meeting places. The HPC will meet in the Council chamber at City Hall starting at 10 a.m.; the Legal Committee workshop will happen in the meeting room at the Hoysradt Firehouse across the street, beginning at 11 a.m. 


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  2. The Legal Committee will continue to discuss lot coverage and ideas about the permeability of various surfaces, for which they were ill-prepared last time.

    These questions concern urban runoff into the surrounding regulated waters, for which the drafting of responsible legislation must turn to the city's EPA-required Long Term Control Plan (LTCP).

    In LTCPs, zoning strategies are among the "nonstructural" approaches comprising the plan's "control alternatives."

    Only yesterday our DPW suggested that I FOIL the City of Hudson to be able to see the LTCP, but I've just been informed by Gossips that it's now online at the city website.

    That this comprehensive, federally-required study which is meant to analyze how the city sheds its waste water was only just made available does not seem to faze our politicians who have A.) never seen it before, and B.) plan nevertheless to meet and discuss its components.

    I suggest they find out what's in the comprehensive LTCP first, so as not to have to undo efforts later on that they wrongly suppose have value today.

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  4. Silly geese, they have to "pass it so we can find out what's in in".

  5. A standard procedure that is followed by Companies, Organizations, Gov't, etc. when scheduling a mtg. regarding proposals, contracts, etc. is first to make same documents available for review prior to the mtg. and in a timely manner.
    Each attendee is afforded ample time be prepared to discuss same.
    I guess the Boy Scouts new it best, "Always be prepared" or was it Gen'l Patton?

  6. Because no one has ever seen the city's LTCP before today, city officials never knew that they were absent-mindedly drafting and passing laws based on, or effecting, its contents.

    Now that they know, it's an interesting question whether they'll care to reconsider such things in the proper context.

    Where contaminated waste water is concerned, fortunately we're in a position to force the city to pay attention.

  7. it doesn't matter, all of the above doesn't matter. the biggest thing facing this city is the LTGP, the Long Term Galvan Plan. this is going to affect this town as much or more than a cement plant. it's not sewage, Marina Abramovic, parking, the mistake of closing Furgary, it's galloway, period.