Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Removal and Parking

Today is a national holiday, so snow removal is suspended for the day (and, of course, the trash won't be picked up until tomorrow). DPW superintendent Rob Perry advises that for the next few days, until all the snow is removed, "parking restrictions will be on a street by street basis." On some streets, snow has been removed from both sides, on others snow has been removed from only one side, and some streets have not yet had any snow removal. On any street, if there are signs stuck in the snow, they tell you where not to park.

When, and only when, both sides of a street have been cleared of snow and the signs have been taken away, the street returns to the regular pattern of alternate side of the street overnight parking. That is, when you park for the night before midnight, think of the next day's date. If it is even, park on the side of the street where the house numbers are even. If it is odd, park on the side of the street where the house numbers are odd. If it's after midnight when you park your car for the night, park on the side where the majority of your neighbors have parked their cars.

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