Monday, February 10, 2014

The Acquisition of Hudson: Fourth & Fifth Wards

Gossips has previously mapped the properties owned by Galvan Partners LLC and Galvan Initiatives Foundation in the First, Second, and Third wards. Today we wrap up the mapping exercise with the Fourth Ward and the relevant part of the Fifith Ward.

As before, red on the map indicates properties currently owned by Galvan (a few by Galvan Partners, most by Galvan Initiatives Foundation); the gold marks properties that at one time belonged to Galloway but no longer do. There are two such properties in the Fourth Ward: 302-304 Warren Street, where Galloway did nothing during the time he owned it but allegedly remove some handsome black marble mantels (the restoration of the building was done by subsequent owners), and 50-52 North Fifth Street, where a building seriously damaged by fire was reconstructed as a Greek Revival inspired double house.

Galvan's holdings in Fourth and Fifth wards include several major historic buildings: the former Register-Star building at the corner of Warren and Fourth streets, which was constructed in 1805 to be the city jail and used from 1862 until 2012 as a newspaper office; 400 State Street, built in 1818 as the city's almshouse and used as a lunatic asylum, a seminary for young women, the home of one of Hudson's wealthiest residents, an orphanage, and the public library; the Hudson Armory; the original home of the Hudson Orphan Asylum; Hudson Upper Depot; and what remains of the Gifford foundry building.

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