Monday, April 21, 2014

The Plan and the Reality

Two years ago, the Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission approved a plan for 347 Warren Street which was supposed to look like this. 

There would be three food trucks and a beer and wine garden at the back of the lot, Tortillaville and other vendors under uniform tents selling a variety of wares at the front of the lot, and landscaping in between. (It should be noted that the only permanent element of the plan, and hence the only element requiring a certificate of appropriateness from the HPC, was the covered porch that was to be the outdoor part of BackBar.)

Two years later, the vision that was approved by the regulatory boards and embraced by the community has yet to be achieved. This is what the site looked like this past weekend.

No effort has been made to landscape the space, and the three (not four) food trucks are parked willy-nilly on the lot. The willy-nilly positioning of the food trucks can probably be forgiven, because the outdoor dining season hasn't really begun yet and only Truck Pizza and Taste of India are actually open for business, but one wonders what the summer will bring. One also wonders about the new placement of the shiny food truck that was once Tortillaville and is now Once Upon a Taco.

Will it remain pushed up so close to the sidewalk? And where did that little wooden building right next to it come from?

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