Friday, April 25, 2014

Then You Heard Him, Now You Won't

On the last Friday in February, Mayor William Hallenbeck was interviewed by Martin Martinez on the WGXC nighttime show Newline Radio. At the time, Martinez promised that the mayor would be coming back on the last Friday of every month to talk about what's happening at City Hall and in the City of Hudson and what the mayor and his staff have been doing. 

On the last Friday in March, there was no interview with the mayor, but earlier this week it was announced that the mayor would return to Newline Radio tonight, on the last Friday in April. That was Tuesday night. On Thursday morning, it was announced that the mayor had cancelled his scheduled appearance.

Many were looking forward to hearing what the mayor had to say, since he rarely appears at public meetings in City Hall anymore. The last time Gossips saw him was on April 11, when he interrupted a Historic Preservation Commission meeting to have a word with HPC counsel Carl Whitbeck.

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