Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Medieval Hudson

In the Middle Ages, traveling bands of jongleurs and troubadours would come to town without a lot of promotion or advance notice, the news of their arrival spreading by word of mouth among the citizenry. So it is with the traveling band of juggling, singing, and tumbling students from Gregory the Great Academy in Scranton, PA, who will be arriving in Hudson today to put on a show at Basilica Hudson, with only Ringmistress Philomena and Gossips heralding their arrival.

Gregory the Great Academy is a boarding school for boys in ninth through twelfth grades, founded by Columbia County native Luke Culley. Each year, the eleventh and twelfth grade students make a pilgrimage to Europe, where they live and travel as troubadours, juggling and performing for their daily bread. Their visit to Hudson is part of a fundraising mission to help them on their way.

At 6 p.m. today--Wednesday, May 7--at Basilica Hudson, fifteen students will perform a show called Under the Greenwood Tree, a juggling musical pastorale featuring Robin Hood, his merry men, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Admission to the entertainment is free, but it is a fundraising mission after all, so the hat will be passed. Do your part to spread the word today among the citizenry of Hudson, then show up at the Basilica at 6 p.m. to enjoy the merriment.

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