Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Hunt Is On!

About mid-afternoon, I decided to drive out to Holmquest to buy some plants. As I crossed Third Street heading east onto the stately homes block of Allen Street, I noticed my neighbors' car ahead, traveling very slowly--somewhere between 10 and 15 mph. I stayed patiently behind, wondering what was going on. After a bit, the car pulled over to the right side of the street so I could pass, and as I did, the driver, through the open window, held up the Gossips' Historic Detail Hunt walking list!

So I'm back home planting my newly acquired flora in front of the house when another pair of readers drives by . . . very slowly. Alluding, I thought, to my efforts to deter speeding on lower Allen Street, the driver calls out, "Is this slow enough for you?" At the same time, the passenger holds up the Gossips' Historic Detail Hunt walking list!

Earlier in the day, I was out walking William, hoping to encounter people with list in hand, but, alas, I didn't. People seem to be doing the hunt today by car or maybe by bicycle, which is probably a good idea since, by design, the hunt takes the hunter somewhat far afield. Maybe next year Gossips should provide special "slow moving vehicle" symbols for folks to display on their cars as they drive the streets of Hudson, scanning their environs for architectural details.

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