Saturday, May 24, 2014

The News Surrounding 449 Warren Street

In the past week, there have been two items in the news relating to the "Hudson Arcade," the building at 449 Warren Street, which is being developed, in fits and starts, as the "shell" for a food market.

Last Saturday, the Register-Star reported that Filli's Claverack Market was closing, after being in business for 57 years. The original tenant for 449 Warren Street was to be Filli's Fresh Market, a Hudson outpost of the Claverack Market, but after months of discussion with the Galvan Initiatives Foundation and hope in the community, that plan was abandoned a little more than a year ago.

The current tenant in discussion with the Galvan to take over the space is the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store. Since last fall, Hawthorne Valley has been researching the possibility of opening a store in Hudson and discussing locating the store at 449 Warren Street with Galvan, but it seems nothing is settled yet.

This past Thursday, according to an article that appeared in the Register-Star today, the Hawthorne Valley Association issued a press release announcing plans to expand the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store in Harlemville, but it seems a Hawthorne Valley store in Hudson is still on the radar. Martin Ping, executive director of the Hawthorne Valley Association, is reported to have said that a November opening of a store in Hudson is a possibility.


  1. whatever this thing is meant to be, the doors are wrong, they are not commercial entry doors. the door hardware is not commercial, not intended to be opened and closed hundreds of times per day. these are house doors and not even front entry, more intended to take someone onto a deck or patio, not intended to be an eyesore on this city's main street, and if approved will probably be an eyesore on a two hundred year old street for another hundred years.

    1. Doors and other concerns will be for the tenant with landlord/builder, Bldg. Dept and HPC. Personally, I would not concern myself with the doors or anything else of that facade @ minimum investment. So far, it's less than stage set, that is merely a shell and unoccupied.(although a mysterious amount of steel girders were used )
      HVA adding a 430 sq ft addition in an existing food store in Harlemville , is no comparison to them having the full responsibility of a complete interior built-out of new construction ,for Retail Food and Public Assembly that is 7,900 sq ft on two floors.
      HVA are smart to take their time.

      "T. Eric Galloway, Galvan’s board president, stated in an email that “Galvan is responsible for the building’s core and shell.HVA is responsible for build out of the interior space, which includes ground floor retail and classrooms on the upper floor, according to their own specifications " Reg Star 5/24/14

      HVA has been paid $20,000 by Galvan to" research the possibility"
      (from Galvan Foundation Site.10/4/13

      . Meanwhile, I would never hazard a guess on the outcomes of any Galvan Project.They have all proven to be subject to change at any given time.