Friday, January 15, 2016

Bed Race Memories

The reports about the plans to revive the bed races in Hudson inspired former mayor and current Fifth Ward supervisor Rick Scalera to share this picture of the winners of the bed races sometime in the 1980s.

Photo courtesy Rick Scalera
The winning team was sponsored by Arthur's Court, a Hudson nightspot that existed, according to Gossips' sources, from 1978 to 1985 in the building at the corner of Seventh and Columbia streets that was once the Community Theatre and is now the future Marina Abramovic Institute. Scalera, who was a member of the victorious Arthur's Court team, explained that, in the 1980s, the bed races were very competitive--more about speed than about artfully designed beds.

Scalera appears in the picture, the second from the right. Gossips invites readers to help identify the other members of the Arthur's Court team.


  1. Back Row (from right to left): Rick Scalera, Joe Paone, Michael Santagato (aka Six-Pack), Bobby Jablanski and not sure of the others.

    1. Thank you, Justin! I just learned from another reader that the person to the right of Rick Scalera, seated on the bed, is Ira Ginsberg.

  2. I believe we have identified everyone now! Back row left to right:John Chernewsky, Ray Konderwich,Bobby Jablanski,Michael Sandagato,Joe Paone Sr, Rick Scalera,Ira Ginsberg. Joe Tiano in front.