Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saving Hudson's Ash Trees

At the Conservation Advisory Council's first meeting of the year on Tuesday, CAC member Holly Gardner reported on the efforts to protect the twenty-three ash trees that are street trees in Hudson--all but two of which are located along North Front Street--from the threat of the emerald ash borer.

Gardner reported that Erin Brady, who is part of the Forest Pest Outreach Program at the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, advised taking precautionary measures whether or not there is evidence of current ash borer activity in our trees because there are so many ash borer outbreaks around Hudson. Gardner will be meeting with an arborist tomorrow morning who will assess the trees and provide an estimate for treatment. The CAC will also be getting a second and a third opinion.

What's being proposed is an approach to the threat called "the 33 percent solution"--treating a third of the trees each year for three years. Gardner is also participating in a group that it is trying to get funding for municipalities to treat their ash trees.


  1. This is exactly what Conservation Advisory Councils area all about.

    A lot of the people at City Hall who wasted years delaying the formation of a CAC are now gone ("environmental" attorney Roberts among them).

    I hope they notice the excellence of Hudson's CAC, which includes sound efforts like this one by Ms. Gardner. Maybe they'll reassess their initial reticence, and gain some appreciation for the criticism their foot-dragging earned them.

    Nice job, Holly.

  2. I believe it is actually called the 30% solution :)

    1. But . . . that would only add up to 90 percent, so I edited it to make it closer to the goal of 100 percent.