Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Developing Congressional Race

Last evening, a select group of Hudson Democrats and some Democrats from farther afield gathered at the home of Fayal Greene and David Sharpe on Union Street to meet Will Yandik and hear him speak about his intention to run for the Congressional seat being vacated by Chris Gibson. 

Photo: John Isaacs|imby
John Isaacs of was there and published this report: "Local farmer emphasizes local roots in bid for Congress."


  1. I know some Republicans (plural) who'd like to have attended in support.

    I wonder why no one mentions that Yandik is a graduate of Hudson High School.

    1. John Isaacs did, but you might have missed it: "Hudson-born and Hudson (and Princeton and Brown)-educated Yandik, a fourth generation local farmer ... "

  2. Small world. My brother who is a professional birder was coming to town, and I thought it would be fun if a birding outing could be arranged with local birders and asked Carole is she knew any local birders. She hooked me up with Tim O,Connor, who put together a small group that included Will Yandik. So my partner Dan and myself got to meet him. He was a nice guy, although, believe it or not, I didn't talk politics with him. Unusual for me, I know, but hey, anything is possible. :)

    Oh, we saw 62 species (my brother's bird calling machine and little laser light helped to increase the total). Well, the good birders saw 62 species (one of which got them all hot and bothered because the species is so rarely seen in this zip code). This aging lawyer, who is largely clueless about birds, and has trouble seeing them, until they are long gone back into the foliage, say maybe 25 species max. Pathetic isn't it? :(

    1. That was a White-eyed Vireo, opposite Roger's Island. For our area, that was an impressive sighting. (As I recall, your [birding-] famous brother spotted it.)

      Will Yandik is hard to top though, having had that vireo on his farm not long before. Will's a crack-shot birder, and also compiler for the publication of the New York State Ornithological Association for our region (no. 8).

      It turned out that someone else in our local party, a professional ornithologist, had birded with your brother in the Yukon and Alaska decades ago.

      All in all, it was a memorable day, thanks to your brother's visit, your query and Carole's referral.