Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Rules Do Apply

Sam Pratt reports today that New York State Homes and Community Renewal has rescinded a $500,000 grant for the expansion of the Ginsberg's Foods in Ghent: "Ginsberg's torches its own $500K grant due to premature construction."


  1. How does this huge industrial project fall under New York State Homes and Community Renewal? It has nothing to do with homes or renewing a community.

    How does this project get classified as OK to be funded with HUD money? My understanding is that HUD is involved with housing, so how does this fit within their "ballpark" anyway? Something else fishy perhaps?

    Elizabeth Nyland

  2. The whole Ginsberg story is "fishy"

  3. Why disparage fish ... we all know what the problem is ... NO!


  4. Interesting for Hudson's own controversial grant from NYS Homes and Community Renewal, it was decided that the Ginsberg project had committed a segmentation of the project.

    Evidently, by taking actions which limited future choices, the project sponsors sacrificed the whole by automatically dividing the project into distinct segments.

    That's my best guess as to how segmentation applies in the Ginsberg case, but the more important thing is that the Feds rejected it on the grounds of segmentation.

    Regarding Hudson's proposal, the City defended itself over an obvious act of segmentation by relying on semantics. Today I'm thinking that the Feds may not care for that, or for any of the dozens of irregularities produced by the City and its consultants.

    Yes, remember to thank the City's third-party engineers for our own mess before they exit the scene, a firm called DELAWARE ENGINEERING.

    Other municipalities who are thinking of using Delaware Engineering may find this comment in a Google search, then wish to learn more. (They should now use this blog's internal search function.)

    Goodness, what did we do before the internet?!

    1. This City has the memory of a gnat, at best, internet or not.

  5. Why was Ginsberg so dumb in running the traps to protect his most problematic government subsidies? I thought he was a smart manipulator of the system. What happened?