Monday, January 18, 2016

Yandik Responds

Yesterday and earlier today, it was reported that, on Saturday, the chairs of the Democratic committees in the eleven counties that make up the 19th Congressional District in New York interviewed four potential candidates for Congress, and the majority endorsed Zephyr Teachout as the Democratic candidate. This afternoon, one of those potential candidates, Will Yandik, Columbia County farmer and deputy town supervisor for the Town of Livingston, issued this statement:
I greatly appreciate the time and consideration of the County Chairs, particularly the early support from those who backed me. It was a great discussion and I'm grateful for the advice they passed on.
Since Saturday, I have received invitations to speak directly to County Committees and I look forward to meeting with more Democrats and leaders throughout the 19th Congressional District.
I continue to receive more encouragement to run and we are taking steps forward to prepare for a strong campaign while we listen to more folks around the district.
This is my home. I grew up here and I believe strongly that our next member of Congress must understand and connect with the communities in every county.
On Thursday, January 21, at 5:30 p.m., Yandik will be at TK Home & Garden, at 441 Warren Street in Hudson, to connect with potential supporters. Those planning to attend are urged to arrive no later than 5:40 p.m. 

There are more meet-and-greet events coming up in the next two weeks: in Livingston on Saturday, January 23; in Rhinecliff on Sunday, January 24; in Chatham on Saturday, January 30; and in Germantown on Sunday, January 31. Visit the Will Yandik for Congress NY-19 Facebook page for more information.  


  1. I'm curious to know whether the Democratic committees interviewed any minorities as potential candidates. Or, are the Democratic committees just as racist as the folks who make the nominations for the Oscar awards?

  2. The Columbia County Democratic Committee has fundamentally misread the mood of the electorate with its premature endorsement of Zephyr Teachout.

    I like Teachout and could support her, but the committee has put its nervous, twitchy thumb on the scale for a candidate who has not yet even announced. Let's call it for what it is: a clumsy attempt to forestall further conversation.

    They say that Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. No way are Democratic voters like me going to fall in line for Teachout or anyone else. We'd like a few weeks to fall in love. If, in the CC Democratic Committee's wisdom, there isn't enough time for that, could we at least have a first date with the candidates?

    This ready-fire-aim endorsement does no favors for Teachout and it inflames the cynicism of voters who have little enough use for establishment politics as it is. It is deeply contemptuous of the democratic process. I, for one, look forward to hearing Mr. Yandik at an event this week.
    -Charlie Suisman

    1. Well said: "a clumsy attempt to forestall further conversation."