Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hudson in the Edwardian Era

Suburbs are usually thought of as a post-World War II phenomenon (that's Levittown in the picture at the right), but half a century earlier Hudson was already contemplating the potential of what it thought of as its suburbs. The following article appeared in the Columbia Republican for May 26, 1904. 

We know Glenwood, of course, as the Dr. Oliver Bronson House and rejoice that not very much of the estate--now a National Historic Landmark--was carved up into building lots. (The McIntyres sold the property to the State of New York instead of to a developer.) The handsome residence of W. Frank Holsapple mentioned in the article appears in the photograph below, which is from the 1905 publication Illustrated Hudson, NY. 

In 1904, the new Hudson Hospital, which admitted its first patient in 1900, stood directly across the street from the Holsapple residence.

Today, the building that was once Eden Park Nursing Home and is now part of Columbia Memorial Hospital, stands on the site of the handsome Victorian home.


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