Saturday, February 18, 2017

Amtrak and Hudson

We are all grateful to Amtrak for removing the utility poles that marred the view from Promenade Hill, but we have something else to ask of them: to correct the information they share about Hudson in their route guides. The Amtrak Adirondack Route Guide, which describes the stops on the way from New York to Montreal, has this to say about Hudson:

Population figures for both the city and the Hudson Correctional Facility can be explained by the fact that the brochure was written before the most recent decennial census, but how does a village 23 miles away become "a largely residential suburb of Hudson"? And who could imagine that The Wonder Years, set in 1960s suburbia, was filmed in Hudson?

Far as I can tell, the closest connection The Wonder Years, which was filmed in Culver City, California, has with Hudson is that one of its creators, Neal Marlens, wanted it to be set in his hometown, Huntington, Long Island, but even that is a far cry from Hudson. Why didn't Amtrak mention any of the movies--Odds Against Tomorrow, Nobody's Fool, Ironweed--that actually were filmed in Hudson?

Thanks to Mona Coade-Wingate for bringing this to our attention

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