Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Of Interest Tonight in the Register-Star

Rosa Acheson reports HPD Chief Ed Moore's account of the activity of Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Hudson yesterday: "ICE detains man in Hudson."

Roger Hannigan Gilson reports on the latest development in the saga of Quintin Cross: "Cross pleads not guilt to 10 counts."


  1. It appears that "sexual misconduct" is a class A misdemeanor, so was an acquiescence to felony part of the plea bargain?

    Either way, deportation after a felony means an automatic and permanent banishment from the United States. Reentry and capture likely means a long prison sentence.

    Earlier today, an intelligent disagreement about due process in the circumstances was immediately and shamefully censored from the Hudson Community Board. It appears now that those who were censored were correct.

    Thank you, Gossips, for permitting open-mindedness.

  2. Whatever the crime which led to the felony conviction which led to the deportation, it may turn out to be very slight. It could have been very serious, too, but let's imagine instead a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Let's say the man had just turned 18, and his beloved was one hour short of her 18th birthday. They were discovered, and so on.

    Seventeen years later, the ICE agents who detained the man are in no better position than we are to retry either the conviction or deportation. Sensible citizens ought to know that's not how it works.

    What happened instead? Have a look at local social networking. Look at the Community Board and the comments which were allowed to stand. The preferred message was this:

    "Columbia County Sanctuary Movement organizers are asking for anyone able to engage in direct actions aimed at disrupting or protesting these raids ..."


    I didn't vote for Trump, nor would I ever vote for him, but maybe those who posted a call to interfere with a Federal law enforcement action owe Trump some thanks (not to mention a little introspection) for not coming after them next.

    Do these people have the faintest clue about the Federal laws they've broken with their call to arms? (an expression from the French Revolution). Be grateful your incitement to disrupt a Federal detention action isn't labeled a "conspiracy."

    I mean this in the best of ways my dear, censoring fanatics: discover your capacity for critical thinking, then get a grip.