Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Emergency Update UPDATED

The snow emergency is still in effect, and cars should remain parked on the even side of the street. After 8 p.m. tonight, when the snow emergency is over, "No Parking" signs will be your guide to where your car can safely spend the night.

Snow removal begins tonight at midnight. On Warren Street, the snow will be removed from both sides of the street sometime after midnight. Code enforcement officer Craig Haigh urges everyone on Warren Street to clear the sidewalks of snow to the curb before midnight so that all the snow can be taken away and great mountains of snow will not remain for pedestrians to have to clamber over.

On streets other than Warren Street, residents should refer to the signage. If the "No Parking" signs are on your side of the street, it is your chance to clear the sidewalks to the curb. 

If the placement of "No Parking" signs differs from what the snow removal schedule indicates, always follow the signs.


  1. Why can't they wait until 11:00 so restaurants can stay open?

    1. If you look at the snow removal schedule I linked to, you will see that it indicates cars should be moved off Warren Street by 11 p.m.;/content/Documents/File/3612.pdf Snow removal does not begin until after midnight.