Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Turn Your Radios On

On WGXC's @Issue this afternoon, hosts Victor Mendolia and Seth Rogovoy will be speaking with John Rosenthal and Jason Marlowe who are working with a coalition of concerned citizens to scrutinize and critique the haul road from the quarry to the dock proposed by A. Colarusso & Sons. Another guest on the show will be Jabin Ahmed Ruhii of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, who will be talking about the planned "Vigil for Solidarity and Sanctuary: Safe Communities for All," which will take place at the Hudson Islamic Center, 35 North Third Street, on Friday, February 3, on 7 p.m. @Issue airs at 2 p.m. today at 90.7 FM and online at

1 comment:

  1. (Now after the show:)

    A very intelligent presentation which doubled as an introduction to Civics (101).

    The tone was neither for nor against the proposal, but instead emphasized the rule of law and proper procedure. And with a few significant exceptions on the part of the applicant (or its representatives), this is exactly how things are proceeding overall.

    This is what normal civic involvement looks like, and proper governing too.

    The Office of the Mayor and the City Planning Board are approaching this by the book, which is all that we can ask, but also no less than we should expect.

    Perhaps we're a bit hooked on drama in Hudson, because in the past we became habituated to bad governance, autocracy, and cronyism.

    Our mayor has brought us "government that respects you," which was Tiffany's campaign slogan. We're only just learning what that looks like, and it's remarkably unexciting. It will look dull to those who need to feel self-righteous, but it's a deeply gratifying stage for those who are committed to building Hudson away from its lawless, adolescent past.

    Creating the LWRP zoning was contentious, but we're beyond that and don't need to second-guess that accomplishment. Now we're moving things to the next level, constructing policies based on those laws which can serve all interests and all involved parties.

    The Colarusso company is just as new to this thinking as we are, but they'll figure it out too.