Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tomorrow Night at the Planning Board Meeting

The agenda for Thursday night's Planning Board meeting has been posted on the City website. It confirms that there will be a discussion of the proposed Colarusso haul road. The new consulting engineer will be introduced; questions will be asked of Colarusso's engineer, Pat Prendergast; and the board will prepare for the April 18 "informational meeting" on the proposal, which begins at 6:30 p.m., at Columbia-Greene Community College.

In addition, four new projects will come before the Planning Board. The first is a proposal to move the Hudson Brewing Company to a new location within 99 North Third Street, the giant former L&B building, and open a tasting room at the site.

The second is a proposal to renovate and repair an existing office space in the basement at 5 East Court Street.  

The third is a proposal for 205-207 Warren Street, but that application, although on the City website, cannot be opened, so what's planned for this building remains, for now, a mystery.

The fourth is a proposal to convert the house at 239 Warren Street into mixed use residential/commercial space.

At the last Planning Board meeting on March 9, Tom DePietro, who chairs the board, said he would schedule a public hearing on the proposal to develop the basement of Galvan Armory into office space and a daycare center for COARC. A public hearing on this proposal, however, is not part of the published agenda for Thursday's meeting. 

The Planning Board meets at 6:30 Thursday, April 13, at City Hall.

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