Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Time to Register

If you are the proprietor of a hotel, a B&B, or a guest house, or rent a room or two in your house to visiting guests, it's time to register and start collecting the City of Hudson lodging tax.

The registration application and all the information you need is on the City of Hudson website:


  1. I suggest that all short-term lodging providers inquire of their tax professional if they are required to also collect and pay over to the state NYS sales tax. NYS Department of Taxation & Finance is infamous for waiting a year or two before auditing a business for sales tax purposes. If you are required to collect and pay sales tax and you haven't, on an audit you can end up owing up to three times the amount that you were supposed to have collected, taking into consideration statutory penalties and interest. It does not seem like a stretch of the imagination that NYS Department of Taxation & Finance would contact the City Treasurer and get the names of all registered short-term housing providers in order to see they are filing sales tax returns and if the amount reported on the sales tax returns match the amount reported to the city.

  2. Does AirBnB automatically collect the tax for Hudson listings? It seems like they should be able to do this for reservations made and paid for on their site.

  3. Just what needs -- another hipster/luxury hotel. That place would have been ideal for affordable apartments or studios, but unfortunately there's no money in that. The market dictates that Hudson needs a place for the money to continue flowing in from NYC and CT and Massachusetts, etc. At some point we have to ask -- yeah, it brings in revenue for the city, but is it really helpful for the people trying to work and live here, too? Personally, I think it's a horrible location for a hotel, and am pretty sure it will fail there.