Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Join the Sweep

This Saturday, May 6, is the Sixth Annual Riverkeeper Sweep. This year the Hudson cleanup project, sponsored by the Columbia Land Conservancy and the Hudson Sloop Club, is in North Bay, in an empty lot on the west side of North Second Street. The sweep takes place from 8:30 to 11 a.m. Volunteers are advised to wear waterproof boots, clothes that can get dirty, eye protection, and hats. Work gloves and garbage bags will be provided. 

According to Nick Zachos of the Hudson Sloop Club, there is no need to register to participate in the cleanup. You just need to show up. Volunteers are asked to park along Second Street, close to the road. Be advised that the site is not suitable for elementary school aged children, even those accompanied by adults. If you have questions about the North Bay event, you can contact Zachos at


  1. What a great site choice! It's by a terrific but sadly neglected little stream.

    I doubt anything can be done about the years of illegally dumped liquid concrete (the white areas in the picture actually extend to the stream!), which will probably require a jackhammer and a big dumpster.

    Has the City ever dumped concrete there? Maybe now we'll find out.

    Thanks, whoever thought of cleaning up this spot.

  2. Ever wonder why Riverkeeper has a tin boat on deck and not a kayak?

    1. Because you can't put a six foot sturgeon in a kayak.