Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rector Announces Candidacy for Mayor

This morning, Rick Rector officially announced that he is running for mayor of Hudson. In a statement accompanying the announcement, Rector said: "I am looking forward to a positive and open conversation with all the citizens of Hudson and finding common ground to make Hudson a more connected and inclusive community. We are one Hudson! I look forward to sharing this adventure with you." His campaign logo is an icon of his commitment to bringing together the city's diverse communities.

Rector has served as First Ward alderman since April 2015, when he was elected by the Common Council to fill a vacancy after David Marston resigned, and was elected by the people of the First Ward in November 2015. Rector was appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission in 2011 and has served as its chair since 2012.

With the announcement of his candidancy, Rector launched his campaign website, where he sets forth his mission statement: rickrectorformayor.org. There is also a Facebook page.



  1. I've worked with Rick for 3 years and think he is precisely the type of candidate we need: a person with a vision and a road map for getting there. I think Rick's natural attentiveness and curiosity coupled with his work ethic and people skills are precisely what the city needs now. This is good news for all the citizens of Hudson.

  2. This is fantastic news! I think Rick is a great candidate for Hudson.

  3. great news !! a wonderful guy and a committed Hudsonian !!