Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Great War: April 30, 1917

On Monday, April 30, 1917, twenty-four days after war had been declared and more than a month before the first national draft registration day, this inspiring patriotic sentiment was shared in the Hudson Evening Register.

The author of the quote is John Stevens Cabot Abbott, a New England historian, pastor, and pedagogical writer who lived from 1805 to 1877. Abbott prepared for a career as a minister in the Congregational Church, but after the success in 1844 of his book The Mother at Home, about "the art of mothering and the glory of the work of the mother at home," which was considered the most valuable book on parenting in the 19th century, he was able to retire from the ministry and support his wife and their nine children with his writing. He wrote many books on Christian ethics and many histories, among them Napoleon Bonaparte (1855) and The History of the Civil War in America (1866). His books on history were credited with inspiring a popular interest in history.


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