Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Great War: May 15, 1917

The following news item, which appeared on the front page of the Hudson Evening Register for Tuesday, May 15, 1917, reports something that happened not in Hudson but in Philmont. We share it because the attitudes and sentiment revealed were likely shared by people in Hudson at the time.

PHILMONT, May 15.  Officer Louis Schrader took into custody a man who is claimed to have made derogatory remarks last night about the United States. The man who is a Norwegian, it is asserted made statement, "That his heart was with Germany, and he would fight for that country if he could get to Germany." Those who heard his assertions were incensed at the disloyal sentiments expressed, and the constable was notified, and the arrest followed.
This morning the man whose name is Lawrence Benizen, was compelled to march the length of Main street, carrying an American flag. He raised objection to this, but finally consented to do so. Then he was taken before Justice Lindsey's court, and the case was put over until Saturday afternoon, and in the meantime Federal authorities will be notified. Benizen is of middle age, and has been in this country for a dozen or more years, but had never been naturalized. He lived at Hillsdale for some time, and more recently has been at the Empire House, in this village. It is said that he was somewhat under the influence of liquor last night.
Main Street, Philmont|Old Pictures of Columbia County

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