Monday, May 22, 2017

The Great War: May 17, 1917

Two events distinguish 1917: the United States entered World War I, and the women of New York got the vote. In the news, the two events often intertwine, with stories of the suffragist activity on behalf of the war effort. Such is the case with this story, which appeared in the Hudson Evening Register for May 17, 1917.  

Miss Catherine Dodd, publicity agent for the Home Defense committee of Columbia county, and who is furthering suffrage work in this vicinity, has received the following telegram from Mrs. Gordon Norrie, of Staatsburg:
Please announce that in response to the request of the Liberty Loan committee of the Second Federal Reserve bank, the New York State Woman's Suffrage party at a meeting of the State Board held at 303 Fifth avenue, New York city, yesterday afternoon, voted to offer the help of the State suffrage organization in advertising and placing the Liberty loan for this district.
It will be remembered that it was Catherine Dodd, of Boston, who addressed a gathering of the members of the local Suffrage Party on May 7, at the home of Mrs. William I. Gray, 95 Green Street, declaring that the suffrage campaign was neither at a standstill nor abandoned. 


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