Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hudson in the New York Times

The Shacks, a.k.a. the Furgary Boat Club, is featured today in the New York Times--in an article by William Shannon with photographs and a video by Tony Cenicola: "Preserving a Cluster of Fishing Shacks from Hudson's 'Forgotten' History."

There's also a video by Tony Cenicola, William Shannon, and Gugielmo Mattioti that made the Times Daily Briefing: "17 Shacks and a Piece of Hudson History."


  1. did the vulgar graffiti on the shack closest to the tracks make it in a picture with the article? I have been asking DPW (who is charged with maintaining the area) to remove the graffiti for almost 3 months now.

    1. Thank you for requesting that. I was within earshot when that same shack was attacked by vandals in broad daylight on October 13th.

      They didn't just break the front-door window pains, but smashed in the entire set of windows, mullions and all. When I went to investigate, the culprits were a father and his sons, none of whom were recognizable from Hudson but were probably from "out in the

      When I questioned them, the father came at me intending violence. Unfortunately I didn't have my phone to call the HPD, so I opted to retreat.

      Of course the vulgar graffiti we seek to have removed is still in place. Perhaps if it had been removed, that father and his sons would have decided on a different kind of experience while visiting our Shantytown.

  2. How awful. These people must be stopped.

  3. Six years ago North dock was busy place for county taxpayers to launch boats from.

    Now land lubbers just drive down, make a U turn and leave.

    Might it be that the historical users, columbia county fisherfolk and hunters, were part of what made this well worn wharf work?

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  5. Took the USCG "Make Sure Make Shore" course back in 1968, and began paying the Outboard Motor Fuel Tax in 1969.

    Ten years later, the state used that tax money to build the state launch.

    Sharp politicians and a corrupt city council then gave control of the people's shore to the the Power Boat Assn, Robin Hood in reverse, welfare for the rich.

    Fast forward, thirty more years of paying the Outboard Motor Fuel Tax...and now, the city endorses using those tax dollars to create an historic fishing village, a memorial to those tax paying fisherfolk that were evicted five years ago.

    Collect millions in "contributions" from outboard motor boaters for a half century and then give that money to landlubbers that don't pay the (OMFT) tax.

    Who will keep the peace in such a ill-gotten place?

  6. The historical use of municipal shore is to promote navigation, "to the furthest extent possible."

    1.further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage.
    "some regulation is still required to promote competition"
    synonyms; encourage, advocate, further, advance, assist, aid, help, contribute to, foster, nurture, develop, boost, stimulate, forward, work for...

    Public servants Tricky Dick and Mr Moore were obligated to add navigators, instead they've reduced users to nil.

    Our servants are taking tin boat tax dollars countywide, while restricting "free and easy" use.