Monday, January 8, 2018

A Small Victory for Dogs

This afternoon, Mayor Rick Rector held a public hearing on the amendment to Section 70-4 of the city code--an amendment that would lift the ban on dogs in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park. There were about ten people present for the hearing, including Dan Udell with his video camera, but only one spoke--me. Remembering, as did everyone else at the hearing, how the effort to amend the law to allow dogs in riverfront park failed in 2014, I began by voicing the opinion, "It's about time," and went on to declare my and my dog's support for the amendment. Because there were no other comments, Rector then closed the public hearing and announced his intention to sign the amendment into law this afternoon.

It's official! Dogs may now legally be present with their humans in riverfront park. The same rules that apply throughout the city apply in the park: dogs must leashed, and humans must pick up after them.


  1. One of the good things about having a dog is that more conversations between owners tend to happen. A dog is a social facilitator.

    1. That, eastjeezus, is the one of the major community-building advantages of a dog park, too.

  2. Old dogs belong on the people's shore, and so do old county Fisherfolk.

    An old fisherman from Claverack, should be given the same respect,