Thursday, January 25, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

After the snowstorm in early January, Gossips and others commented on how prompt and aggressive the Department of Public Works was in removing snow from the sides of streets after the storm. The activity suggested a change in policy. In the past, removing the snowbanks, rather than waiting for them to melt or evaporate away, seemed to be reserved for snowstorms that resulted in much greater accumulation than the 4 inches that fell on Hudson on January 3 and 4.

Last night, at the Common Council Public Works and Parks Committee meeting, DPW superintendent Rob Perry revealed that the department had viewed the snowstorm as a training opportunity. He explained that there had been many retirements recently in the Department of Public Works, and, as a consequence, there were new workers who had little or no experience operating the giant equipment used to remove snow. The 4 inches of snow that fell in early January gave them a chance to practice with the equipment, in preparation for more significant storms to come.

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