Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Watch the Whole Thing

Gossips had to leave the special meeting of the Health and Human Services Committee after it had gone on for an hour and fifteen minutes, but Dan Udell and his video camera stayed for another half hour, until the very end. His recording of the meeting can now be viewed on YouTube by clicking here


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  1. wow !! galvan gets a guaranteed $ 85.00 per day per room --- or $ 2700.00 per month for a tiny tiny room !!! kind of like hotel rooms in APris france -- same prices !!

    and airbnb is cheap at that price !!!

    no one in hudson wants to do the math !!

    25 rooms times 2700 times 12 months equals 388,800 per year for the rent roll. and 100 5 occupied

    and the county pays for it all !!

    are working people in hudson able to afford $ 2700.00 a month for housing ???

    the math is crazy !! and Galvan wants to build more and more of this housing

    Who is getting all the profit ??