Friday, June 29, 2018

Beware the Boot

Despite the fact that the Common Council voted unanimously in May not to increase the fee for removing the boot from $110 to $150, the boot is back. 

The practice of booting cars for outstanding parking fines had been suspended by Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton in March 2016 because some cars that were booted ended up also getting towed because fines could not be paid within 24 hours on the weekend. Now that outstanding parking fines can be paid at the police station, which is open 24/7, it was decided the practice of booting cars should resume. But after two years, the towing companies that had been providing the service wanted more money to come back to Hudson. 

Apparently, the money issue has now been resolved, because yesterday the Hudson Police Department announced on its Facebook page that the boot has returned.
Citizens should be made aware that enforcement of Local Law No. 3 of 2011, regarding the booting of vehicles will resume immediately. Booting had been temporarily suspended while the City reviewed policies regarding booting.
Any motor vehicle which has three or more [parking] tickets outstanding in excess of 45 days may have a boot installed upon it. In addition to the outstanding tickets, the car owner shall pay a boot removal fee of $110 dollars plus tax.
If your vehicle is booted, you have 24 hours to pay all fines to the ticket clerk at the parking bureau. The tow company that installed the boot will return after 24 hours to tow the vehicle and you will be subject to additional towing and storage charges.
The announcement on the HPD Facebook page doesn't indicate this, but presumably if the 24 hours in which you must pay your outstanding fines happens on the weekend when the Parking Bureau, which is located in City Hall, is closed, you can pay your outstanding fines, required to free your car from the boot, at the Police and Courts Building, 701 Union Street. Whether or not that's the case, the goal is to avoid the boot, so if you have unpaid parking tickets, you may want to take care of them now. You can do it online at's a fee, but you can do it at your convenience, and you'll know it's done.


  1. but it says "Payments are no longer accepted at the Hudson Police Station" on the Parking Bureau webpage. Are they or aren't they?

    1. I expect the following, based on the information presented at public meetings: (1) the Parking Bureau website hasn't been updated since it was created; (2) payments will not as a rule be accepted at the police station, but if your car has been booted and it's the weekend and you have just 24 hours to pay your fines and get the boot removed, payments will be accepted at the police station. I base this on the fact that Chief Moore gave the possibility of paying overdue fines at the police station as a reason why they could start using the boot again.