Monday, August 6, 2018

Objection to the Truck Detour

Gossips just received the following statement from Assemblymember Didi Barrett:
Today, New York State DOT erected signs throughout Hudson pointing to a truck detour through the city resulting from construction of a roundabout just east of the Rip Van Winkle bridge. Neither my office nor local officials were given advance notice of this detour or the signs. My office immediately reached out to DOT and they have agreed to meet with us and City of Hudson officials this week to fully discuss options for the route.
Today's news reminds us, once again, that truck traffic through Hudson is a daily problem for everyone who lives and works here. Even after six years of meetings and conversations with NYSDOT and local officials on my part, the truck route remains an intransigent problem that threatens pedestrian safety, shakes the foundations of Hudson's historic structures and mars the flow of life in our compact city. I will continue to oppose the detour, as well as the permanent route. 


  1. let's not forget about the other ills that the truck route brings us: NOISE pollution (who can live on Columbia Street?); EXHAUST pollution which is carcinogenic and causes or worsens asthma and other lung maladies; wear and tear on the roads which we pay to have fixed; and just a general drag on our quality of life. I want to see the route disappear tomorrow, but wonder where would the route then be? Is there a viable alternative? Spook Rock out to 9H? This is not going to be easy, but it's good to know someone is, or seems to be, trying.

  2. The trucks go by the side of my house at 3 and 4 am. They are so loud that if watching news or a movie, I cannot hear the dialogue and the vibrations have put hairline cracks in the new bathroom tiles which the insurance won’t cover as they rightly noted replacement tiles would crack the next time a truck went by. Also, can
    Our roads actually bear the weight of these trucks? They aren’t weighed in pounds but in tons! We have no
    Money for infrastructure improvements much less repairs! Keep us posted Didi!