Friday, January 22, 2010

Alternative 3B Nuanced

In my report on the LWRP public hearing, which follows, I make reference to Alternative 3B Nuanced--Hudson's own "public option": a public road from Route 9G to the waterfront. This map shows the route of this public road.

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  1. There should no need for any alternate route at all -- because the company should not be either mining Becraft Mountain, nor making these constant gravel deliveries to the Waterfront. Both activities have permitting and/or land title issues, but the City and various environmental groups have given them a pass.

    This traffic was created in 2005 by SLC despite never having disclosed it in any of its countless alternatives and no-build scenarios described in its thousands of pages of submissions to the State for its failed Greenport project.

    The purpose of creating this traffic through the 2nd Ward is transparently to put pressure on the City and State to promote what what the DOS would never previously allow -- put a road through the South Bay.

    It's analogous to what Fred Jones did in the 19th Century in order to get a railroad trestle put through the Bay. He threatened to run a train line down Allen Street. Then he proposed the Bay route as a more palatable "alternative," and the City fathers fell for the ruse.

    Sam Pratt