Advertising on Gossips

Advertising on The Gossips of Rivertown is an excellent way 
to reach people in Hudson and beyond, and it's a great value.
For a mere $25 a monthyour message will be seen more 
than 4,000 times a day--on a recent day, more than 
8,000 times--and you will be showing your support for 
widely read and valued community resource.

To get started, all you need to do is submit the image 
you want to use as your ad to
along with the URL of the website or Facebook page 
to which to you want the ad to link. 

Some things to remember:

Square images work best because they utilize 
the available space--200 x 200 pixels--to best advantage.

Images can be submitted at any size and in any format, 
but they shrink down to 200 x 200 pixels, so please be sure 
that any type is legible at that size.

You can buy a whole year of advertising
or several months at a time, or you can go month to month.
Gossips sends reminders and invoices and
acknowledgment of payment.

  Payment can be made using PayPal or by check.
The invoice provides the details.

Show your support for Gossips' special brand of local journalism
and start advertising on The Gossips of Rivertown today!

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