Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not to Be Missed

A My View about Hudson's architectural heritage in general and 211 Union Street in particular by David Marston, alderman elect for the First Ward. This piece appeared in the print version of the Register-Star yesterday and online today.  


  1. A great letter - if only Mr. Galloway actually cared !

  2. I am very glad an article has been written with authority on not just the exterior of a building,but the treasure of the interior ,for a change.Since I looked at that building to purchase in 2007,I have pictures of interior and the roof rafters were beautiful and in need of restoration,not obliteration.It was built before 1794,not some sheet rock palace built last year. This "restoration" technique of 3 courses of original brick being replaced by flake board ,foam core insulation and then facade of reclaimed arbitary brick, not aged together or even from the same buildings ,so color is terrible,and without period detail pointing or decorative overhang of Flemish bond brickwork ,is HPC's territory and fault,and in this case a classroom for high school students to apprentice in masonry.Was that to save money?Not the place to be doing that.This place called for only master craftsmen.Yes,over the years a lot was ruined in this building,but remarkably,more was in tact.
    But this crap about how suddenly the Worth House was in "imminent danger of collapse" So all bets are off,any thing goes,including a responsible,certified, outside 2ND opinion.
    Must be where Scalera learned that trick. This is why they wrap up the building ,when they preform these "restorations"in historically protected areas.
    If it's not in a protected area,he doesn't even get a permit.Not only are the buildings not protected,neither are the workers or anyone living ,working or passing by.
    The destruction of the Worth Bldg was a national disaster,as General Worth is revered by the entire United States. His family genealogy goes back to the first Caucasian born on Nantucket and to Plymouth rock,and Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard,where Worth went back for awhile after his mother, Abigail Jenkins Worth, died when he was a boy.
    This should have become a Museum.
    Something desperately needed in this City ,so rich in history.
    Maybe our young citizens ,would have had a place to go ,to learn the history of their city,their country.It could have been a national destination.A museum for a National Hero, our architectural heritage and Early American History. Tourists!
    But No
    They removed the original interior parlor arched window wall woodwork.(David Marston describes it properly)I have photos of the original kitchen fireplace with its beehive oven.I do not want to even know what they did in there.I have photos of all of it.I know HPC cannot dictate what a private owner does to interiors,but why would someone purchase such an important American Historic Home,and spend a pile of money to destroy it?Why not just keep to building "new" homes,that sorta look like "old" homes,outside historic districts?
    Then just insult to injury, they put up some completely out of proportion, fictitious doorway and railing,from the book of Gallowayin Architectural details.
    I am not blaming T.Eric Galloway on on this one,
    H.P.C. allowed them too do this without any compliance to history or enforcement from Bldg. Dept.
    I could go on,but it gets me too upset,as I regret so terribly ,I could not buy it.My timing was terrible. Everyone wanted top dollar when I was looking,right before the market crashed.Galloway has picked up these buildings now, for tuppence.
    I have posted this before.
    I feel like I should Occupy the Library until I see the exact plans ,approved by HPC with a second opinion from a real Historical Landmarks Commission,outside of Hudson and Galloway’s grip on the Bldg.Dept. I also want to demand a historic preservationist,from outside of Hudson,and perhaps N.Y.S. ,to police Bldg.Dept.,Galloway and his Olde Mohawk masons and Co, everyday til the completion of bldg.
    What does it take in NYS to get an interior of a historic building protected?
    Such a stupid question.
    What does it take in Hudson to have an already legally protected Historic Building or District,actually protected in Hudson?

  3. "I also want to demand a historic preservationist,from outside of Hudson,and perhaps N.Y.S. ,to police Bldg.Dept.,Galloway and his Olde Mohawk masons and Co, everyday til the completion of bldg." - Prison Alley

    @PrisonAlley: My firm (Olde Mohawk Masonry & Historic Restoration) installed the historically appropriate cedar shingle roofing and Yankee gutters. We were not involved in the masonry work on this structure.

    How many of the other statements in your comment are factually inaccurate?