Monday, September 6, 2010

Trojan War Revisited

Byrne Fone, former Hudson resident, partner of pioneering antiques dealer Alain Pioton, eloquent spokesman for every worthy cause, man of letters, author of Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait, now an ex-pat living in France and the proprietor, with Pioton, of Le Domaine de la Millasserie in the Dordogne, has written a trilogy of books inspired by the Iliad: War Stories: A Novel of the Trojan War, Achilles: A Love Story, and Trojan Women: A Novel of the Fall of Troy.

There's a Fone book about the Trojan War to appeal to everyone. I'm looking forward myself to reading Trojan Women, the story of the women of Troy and what the war did to them, which Byrne describes as "a rather feminist book and wonderful for all thinking women." These, as well as his other books, are available on Amazon.

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