Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Comfort and Sweet Indulgence on the Way

This is 230 Warren Street. It started out as the home of the Hudson City Savings Institution. In the early 1900s, the bank moved upstreet to the building designed by Warren & Wetmore at the corner of Sixth and Warren. In the early 1990s, it moved to Hudson City Centre and became Hudson River Bank & Trust. In the early 2000s, the bank was sold to First Niagara and ceased to exist, but its original home will soon become Bank House Bakery.  

Daniel Nilsson's sister Anna (that's Daniel Nilsson of DA|BA) appeared at the Planning Commission meeting last Wednesday night to present her plan to open a bakery in the original Hudson City Savings Institution building. The members of the Planning Commission, who determined that a site plan review was unnecessary because the building was in a commercial district, were enthusiastic about a bakery returning to Warren Street. They reminisced about Jersey Bakery, which closed nearly twenty years ago, remembering most fondly the hard rolls. Anna told them that she had Jersey Bakery's recipe for hard rolls and implied that they would be available at Bank House Bakery. The new bakery, which will produce pastries as well as breads, is scheduled to open on May 1. 


  1. "Hudson has been without LICK and its scrumptious ice cream for more than a month, but help is on the way for those who crave an occasional sweet indulgence. LOAF, a shop offering the wares of bakers Rachel Sanzone, Sissy Onet [and Gabriele Gulielmetti], is about to open in LICK's space."

    -Gossips of Rivertown November 18 2010

    We at LOAF would like to remind our fellow Hudsonians of our current and continuing commitment to providing our town with hand crafted baked goods. For those who may not know us, you may have sampled our wares at such local businesses as Swallow, Strongtree and Club Helsinki, or perhaps you read our mention on as offering Hudson's best new food item in 2010. After Lick's much belated return this April, we will continue to serve Hudson out of our new, permanent location.

    LOAF is open five days a week at 253 WARREN STREET
    (wed thru sun 11-6)

  2. Good news! Especially about the rolls, something practical. And I love it that you said upstreet, the way we did in Schenectady in the 1950s. Today, I live upstreet, Carole lives downstreet.