Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pardon the Silence . . .

The faithful Gossips computer is spending the day with Jonathan of Jonathan's Computers. It seems it may have been the victim of a corrupt email. I hope to have it back later today, but meanwhile, this post is being composed at the Hudson Area Library--always there when you need it, providing public access computers, WiFi, and books, CDs, and DVDs from any and all of the sixty-six libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System.

Support your library!        


  1. Hope your computer is all better soon! Nice to see you on the public computer the other day though! Playing Neosaurs with the kiddos?

  2. It's still excruciatingly slow, Jonathan--thanks for asking--but it's doing all I ask of it, so I won't complain. I should have left it there long enough for you to address the speed issue, but a slow computer is better than no computer, so I'm content.