Friday, January 27, 2012

A Message from William

It's a sure sign that our life is almost back to normal: my human is walking me herself again! So it's high time that I thanked all the people who took care of me when my human couldn't.

My thanks to Rick Rector who let me stay at his house for a while (with Lucy--my heartthrob), and Norman Posner and Graham Farrell who took me in for the rest of the long time the human and I were apart. Thank you to Peter Pehrson and Rick Rector for walking me every day since I've been back home--Peter in the morning, Rick in the evening--in the rain and the cold and the snow, and thanks to Peter Meyer who took me for a walk with my buddy Gus on a bitterly cold afternoon. Thanks to Carole Clark and Timothy Dunleavy for bringing food to the human when she couldn't cook, and thanks to everyone who wished us well during our ordeal. 

Most of all I'm grateful to Ellen Thurston who arranged for my care, looked after Fred the cat (who stayed home alone), and did all kinds of things to help my human when she was sick.     


  1. Great to have your human back in the mix. Cheers to everyone who helped out, especially Madam Thurston. Welcome back Carole.


  2. Dear William, You must be very happy that your Momma is able to walk you herself again. These separations are terrible for family and dog. Glad you had the best of care from such terrific people and that Carole is up and at'em once again! Carry on William and Carole.