Thursday, December 8, 2016

Grant Money Coming to Hudson

The Regional Economic Development Council has announced its awards for 2016, and there are several of interest to us here in Hudson. 
  • The City of Hudson will receive $45,000 to update the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan "to address climate change and sea level rise, as well as current planning and potential new projects."
  • Historic Hudson will receive $487,000 For Phase III of the restoration of the Dr. Oliver Bronson House.
  • Hudson Development Corporation will receive $14,000 for something called the Hudson History Project to provide visitors "with a mechanism to engage with Hudson's past, present, and future by providing self-guided walking tours that highlight historic, cultural, and environmental assets via well-catalogued, beautifully photographed, and narrated pathways through history to present day."
  • The Hudson Opera House will receive $49,500 to hire a full-time, permanent Director of Development and Marketing.
  • Hawthorne Valley Association will receive $600,000 for its Farm Enterprise Expansion project, which earlier information indicated involved "the acquisition, renovation, and equipment outfitting of a 10,000-square-foot facility for sauerkraut production" in the Second Ward. 
There are other awards of interest on the list: $197,878 to The Olana Partnership for the Olana Farm Education Center, and $875,000 for the Hudson River Skywalk connecting Olana and the Thomas Cole House; $170,000 for the restoration of Shaw Bridge in Claverack.  

You can review the entire list here. The grants for projects in Columbia County begin on page 83.

Just a reminder: The $500,000 Restore NY grant being sought for the Dunn building is part of a different process. It is expected that those awards should be announced soon as well.


  1. Please HDC, don't even think of putting any more crap into the Promenade Park.

    Please Thomas Cole House, remove your advertisement from our Promenade Park.

    If we're not careful (and the HDC is not very careful), we'll see more and more "historical" signage and visual junk at the Promenade to raise our awareness about a place where such signage is specifically forbidden for historical reasons. (Besides which, the grantors of the park wanted it that way.)

    Do people appreciate how a shallow but active "interest" in history can end in obliterating history? Things often trend towards stupidity when money HAS to be given away, and then HAS to be spent.

    HDC: please leave the Promenade alone.

  2. Please post signs pointing out trees and fencing on Promenade Hill Park since we can't think for ourselves anymore. Thank you in advance.

    1. Ha! Excellent.

      Someone told me tonight that the grant isn't for signage, but I'd like to see that in writing.

  3. The HDC assures me that signage will have no part in this grant.

    In that case, I'm satisfied. But there's always that worry that residents won't enjoy final oversight of how these monies are spent.

    Still, it sounds like a good project and I'm grateful the HDC has procured the grant. Thank you Sheena.