Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winter Walk Awards

In an hour and a half, the 20th annual Winter Walk will begin. To help you chart your course up and down Warren Street, the Hudson Opera House has just announced the winners of the Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest. Declaring that the task of awarding specific prizes to individual windows was impossible, the anonymous judges decided to create four categories "to celebrate the imagination, care, and effort that shopkeepers put into making their holiday displays so beautiful." 

Listed in geographical order by category, the winners are:

Best Community Windows
“Love is All,” 238 Warren Street
Mrs. Zito’s Kindergarten Class, Hudson Police Department, 427 Warren Street
The Second Show, 519 Warren Street
Bee’s Knees, 725 Warren Street

Most Colorful Windows
Wm. Farmer & Sons (Purple), 20 South Front Street
Verdigris (Purple), 135 Warren Street
Source Adage (Red), 314 Warren Street 
Red Dot (Red), 321 Warren Street
White Whale (Silver), 410 Warren Street
Finch (Green and Red), 555 Warren Street

Keeping the Tradition Alive
Rural Residence, 316 Warren Street
Talbott & Arding Cheese and Provisions, 323 Warren Street
Hudson Home, 366 Warren Street
The Cascades, 407 Warren Street
Flowerkraut, 722 Warren Street

Windows that Popped Out
Inky Editions, 112 South Front Street
Paper + Goods, 204 Warren Street
Hawkins New York, 339 Warren Street
Look, 608 Warren Street

The judges also awarded two "Special Appreciation" citations to acknowledge the generous community spirit that makes our city so great. The first goes to Taconic "for its decade-long, unstinting financial support of Winter Walk. The second goes to the Bee's Knees for decorating the parking meters to ensure that shoppers and visitors know that parking is free for the month of December.

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