Tuesday, February 4, 2014

About Those Budget Omissions

Last month, Gossips reported that five items had been left out of the 2014 budget, in, as Council president Don Moore is quoted as saying, "the heat of budgeting." Today, the Register-Star reports that the Common Council Police Committee voted on Monday to forward a resolution to the full Council to address one of those omissions: "Committee votes to add police officer to budget." The resolution would transfer $51,000 from the general fund to the police account to pay the salary of a new officer and keep the number of officers in the Hudson Police Department at twenty-six, the maximum allowed by the City of Hudson charter.

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  1. I don't know how this, or any other city, determines how many police officers it needs. But a cursory google search shows that few cities have a police/resident ration as high as ours....1/250. These other cities include Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark and New York City. Is it really the case that our crime rate is as high as theirs? Or is crime rate not really the issue?