Friday, February 12, 2016

News About 260 State Street

Back in May 2014, an article in the New York Times provided a hint about what was in store for 260 State Street, the house with the mansard roof at the corner of Third and State, which despite being clad in vinyl siding retains vestiges of former grandeur: "Plan B: Open a Country Hotel in Upstate New York."

Last night, the owner of the building, Kiley Thompson, presented his plan to turn the house, which is now divided into five apartments, into eight furnished units for short-term rental and to resurrect a commercial space that was once in the building, accessed by an entrance that survives under the siding at the southeast corner of the building. Thompson explained that during the Great Depression, a family moved to this house from Warren Street and soon after moved their shop from Warren Street to this house as well. Planning Board member Cappy Pierro recalled that there was, in his childhood, a candy store in the building.

It was initially suggested that the reintroducing a commercial space in the building would require a use variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals, but Mitch Khosrova, counsel to the Planning Board, pointed out that some commercial uses were conditionally permitted in this zone--namely, art galleries and antique shops--so since the space was to be rented out, and it was not known what kind of business would occupy it, applying for a use variance didn't need to happen until the use was known.

The Planning Board scheduled a public hearing on the project for March 10 at 6:30 p.m.

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