Monday, February 29, 2016

Galvan on My Mind

Last week, an eagle-eyed reader brought this legal notice to Gossips' attention. It had appeared the previous week in the Register-Star.

This raised some questions, not the least of which is why Galvan Asset Management, which presumably is somehow connected to the Galvan Foundation, the owner of countless buildings in Hudson, is headquartered in a building that they must be leasing from another entity? Whatever the notice means, it apparently doesn't mean that Galvan is shifting its acquisitive attention from Hudson to Philmont. It is rumored that Galvan is about to acquire or has already acquired another house on Allen Street.

Checking out the fancy dress on the Oscars red carpet in a New York Times slide show last night, I was reminded that Galvan doesn't always denote the partnership of T. Eric Galloway and Henry van Ameringen. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, generally considered one of the best dressed at the Oscars, wore a gown created by the UK design team Galvan.


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  1. A check of the address listed in the notice on Google Maps Street View shows that the address is for Richardson Hall an affordable housing facility of Housing Resources of Columbia County now Galvan Housing Resources.