Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not to Be Missed

There's an article in today's Register-Star about last night's school board meeting: "Fight erupts at HHS; principal suspended." It's a little hard to nail down the sequence of events from John Mason's blow-by-blow account of the mayhem in the hallways and the discussion at the meeting, but the story makes interesting reading for taxpayers in the Hudson City School District and calls to mind once again Alexander Woollcott's experience in Hudson a hundred years ago.    

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Carole. The biggest problem that Hudson Schools have is the lack of community input and engagement. So much effort is put in to covering up the problems -- instead of solving them -- that you get these explosions. Unfortunately, the one mistake in John Mason's fine reporting job was the board vote for a Task Force to look into what happened. It was 3 to 2 in favor, but resolutions need a majority of sitting members (7), which means we need 4 to pass anything. So much for finding out what happened. Oy.