Thursday, November 11, 2010

Of Brackets and Braces

The 200 block of Warren Street has no shortage of interesting brackets--some ornate, some very simple indeed.

So with all these historic models, why did the owners of 226-228 Warren Street opt for this design?


  1. Because they're cheaper than a set of beautiful ornate brackets.


  2. Marty--I learned this morning at the Historic Preservation Commission meeting that the owner claimed he was going to buy scrolled brackets and had already sourced them. I guess he decided in the end that they cost too much.

  3. This facade is fast developing into the poor mans cartoon interpretation of what was a potentially beautiful historic building.

    Even Urban Renewal had higher aspirations.

  4. This facade with its ugly protruding windows is an insult to Warren Street and to all the other owners who have carefully restored their facades to be in keeping with the character of the street.