Tuesday, June 11, 2024

News of HCSD

Earlier today, the Hudson Police Department released the following statement:
June 11, 2024--This morning at approximately 9:30 a.m., the Hudson Police Department (HPD) was informed by our School Resource Officer of a serious concern raised by staff about a 12-year-old from the Hudson City School District (Junior High School). The student reportedly expressed aspirations to become a school shooter.
The HPD's detective division promptly initiated an investigation at the school. During the investigation, a list of firearms was discovered in the notes section of the student's phone. The student, however, denied making any threatening statements.
As a precautionary measure, the student was removed from the school and transported for a comprehensive mental health evaluation.
HPD is actively collaborating with the Hudson City School District, New York State Police (NYSP), and Columbia County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) to address this situation with the utmost priority and to ensure the safety of our community. If anyone has information regarding this incident or similar incidents, please contact HPD at 518 828-3388.


  1. This is a good example of being positive seeming to be more difficult than negative. The Hudson PD does an excellent job of intercepting a potential threat to the school and you could hear crickets. Yes, there was a small article in the paper, but I am referring to the onslaught of comments seen on many posts that are far less important than the safety of the school. A pat on the back and "at a boy/girl" goes a long way.

    1. Huh? If you're talking about the commentariat on Gossips, I think it has to do more with the fact people here mainly add their opinion on controversial topics where people have invested points of view. What's there to say about this? Sure, good job HPD! One will never know if this was a tragedy prevented or just another troubled child needing help. If you want to hear the opposite of crickets you can go on the various local facebook group posts about this that will have 100+ comments... "praise Jesus!... Bless the boys in blue... prayers for all... lock the kid up for life... it's the city peoples fault..."

      My expectation for feedback here is quality over quantity... and also Bill.

  2. Like the kid up for life????? DO you don't even know who it is? Nice way to say something semi-positive in a left handed manner after you have been prodded to do so! Thank you for proving the point!